Biochemical pathway evaluation

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Cellular Toxicity (LDH assay)
The quantification of membrane integrity and cellular viability in response to pharmaceutical, chemical and environmental compounds, and nutrients can be measured by a fluorimetric LDH assay. The intracellular enzyme Lactate Dehydrogenase (LDH) is released rapidly from damaged cells into the cell culture supernatant. NADH consumption, measured kinetically in the cell supernatant, correlates with the amount of released LDH. The cell viability is inversely proportional to the amount of released LDH. LDH assay measures the oxidation of NADH to NAD+ and the concurrent reduction of pyruvate to lactate. The released LDH is measured with a coupled enzymatic reaction that results in the conversion of Resazurin into the fluorescent Resorufin by diaphorase.