Fluorescent Tracers

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The use of fluorescent probes for in vivo molecular imaging is rapidly growing due to the availability of more potent and sensitive scanners for optical imaging.
Fluorescent probes have been proposed as valuable alternatives to PET and SPECT radiotracers with the advantage that handling of hazardous materials or exposure to radiation is not required.
BIOFORDRUG has already gained the know-how to develop fluorescent probes for receptors visualization in living cells and it is currently developing fluorescent probes for early diagnosis of tumors.
A successful proof-of-concept was the identification of MI-57, a fluorescent probe able to visualize a serotonin receptor subtype in living cells.
BIOFORDRUG is uniquely positioned in the development of these highly innovative diagnostic tools in view of its large expertise in the fields of organic synthesis, structural optimization, and spectroscopic characterization of fluorophores in a wide wavelengths range (from green to near-infrared region of electromagnetic spectrum).